Arena Combat

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Type: Fantasy Gladiators
Last-Update: 2008Jan15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, wargame, rpg, sports


Ever wanted to test your strength in gladiatorial combat? No? How about this, ever wanted to own a stable of gladiators? That way, win or lose, YOU get paid.

Hire, train, and battle a group of fighters of many different races. Equip them with weapons and armour from the shops, or maybe build it yourself. Want to give them that extra edge? Hire an old star to come in and show your new fighters the ropes. Or maybe get a healer to fix up those bumps and bruises more quickly, and help them with strength training. Or hire scribes and bookies to track the money from betting to your pocket. Looking for something a little more guaranteed? Send spies into your opponent's mess hall to poison the food, and sap their fighters' strength for the big match.

Arena Combat is freeform, with few rules, and the GM takes care of all the dice, giving you a narrative combat instead. Start with a small facility with just a few fighters and see if you can grow it into a powerhouse. If you've got any ideas, I'll be happy to include them. The game is very flexible.


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