USS Caledonia & Starbase BoB

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Costs: FREE!
Frequency: Daily e-mail
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Type: PBeM Trek RPG - space soap opera & wargame
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek


There is a sim that loves Trek, but isn't afraid to throw a bucket of cold water reality over it!

Not all officers are noble and dashing and dutiful. Not all technology works. Not all ships or starbases are shiny and awe-inspiring.

Some are rusty, run-down, and crewed by the officers that Starfleet wants to forget about.

The crews of the USS Caledonia and Starbase BoB are the misfits, mavericks and screw-ups of Starfleet, the officers that aren't wanted on the more salubrious fleet ships and stations. Out here, equipment is out of date, supplies arrive late, the systems are archaic and both ship and station are woefully undermanned. The dewy-eyed ideals of Starfleet have long been replaced by gritty realism and a constant fight for survival.

Set some thirty years after the Dominion War, the Federation is constantly facing new challenges, new discoveries - and new enemies. Out on the furthest edges of Federation Space, Starbase BoB sits sentinel with the Typhon Expanse on one side, the dangerous and warlike Sayl'reth on the other, and undiscovered territory all around.

This is a sim where the writers are passionate about their characters and enjoy developing them to the max, set against the most unique Trek background on the 'net.

They learn to survive, to think outside the box, to face the challenges and missions that come their way with little more than teamwork and a clapped-out tool box.

Think you could handle life on the far frontiers where technology isn't always your friend?

Check us out. This unique PBeM Sim has been going strong for eight years now, and we always welcome motivated new members to our friendly, talented crew of writers.

NOW RECRUITING during freestyle periods in 2009. Assistant vanacies in most departments, but especially looking to fill:

USS Caledonia - Chief Engineer. The Engineering department is so overworked it's just laughable, and equipment is usually fixed by duct tape, if you can find any! Could you write a strong, motivated, eccentric engineer?

USS Caledonia - Chief Science Officer. Any takers for a department with hardly any equipment - can you scrounge and hustle your way to re-equipping it? As well as solving some of the most puzzling scientific mysteries that come your way?

USS Caledonia - Security Deputy/Chief Tactical Officer. Looking for a hard-working kick-butt Security type. Record imperfect. To lend support to the security department and move into a Chief Tactical Officer position.

Starbase BoB - Flight Commander. There's a flight deck with a motley collection of patched-together shuttles and a set of six ancient Valkyries (one with broken windscreen) for the commander of The BoBCats, the station's fighter wing. You'll need to be an ace pilot to fly both shuttles and warbirds, a competent administrator to handle the day to day busines, and a half-decent flight instructor to train the rookie and wrecked pilots that are assigned your way. Fantastic opportunity to take a pilots job and make it all your own.


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