Golden Age of Sail

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Costs: free
Frequency: daily
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Historic, Naval, Sail
Last-Update: 2007Dec19
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


Following the execution of Louis XVI in January 1793, Britain and France would be at war with each other for the next 22 years, with the exception of fourteen months in 1802-3. During this time the Royal Navy stuggled to maintain superiority over Britain's enemies on the sea. As the Royal Navy builds for a generation of conflict with France and others, many officer are ordered to outfit vessels for sea.

Golden Age of Sail puts you in the role of an officer in the Royal Navy. Create and command your ship; through success you will gain promotion and even larger commands. Ships are created through an excel spreadsheet. The game is generally free-form to simulate the era, with a focus on tactical sailing ship combat.

IMPORTANT: Participants are expected to not only play the role of their character, but also to be the lead administrator/writer for another player's character. This is not only to help make the game flow smoothly, but also to share the burden and expand the knowledge and experience. I will oversee and assist, administer and help out, but I feel this gives everyone a stake in the game from both sides.

Anticipated start date is January 1, 2008. Prior to that people can sign up, create bios, flesh out initial ship designs, and ask questions to help ensure a smooth start.


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