Night Walkers

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One per day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Future Fantasy Game with Supernatural Creatures
Last-Update: 2007Sep10
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg


NIGHT WALKERS The weird fantasy super-heroic far future game.

Welcome to the year 3047. The Universe is a decadent and weird place. Vast Pleasure Ships cruise the spacelanes. Planets are given over to the whims of the Ultra-Rich, who terra-craft them into bizarre paradise worlds or hellish torture chambers. The Whole Universe is your plaything thanks to the warpshunter drive. Any planet you can conceive of is only minutes away.

The Universe is also linked by Bap-e-net, the monolithic entertainment web that allows users to experience, in real sense-a-colour, the lives of their favourite stars. Bap-e-net stars are the Heroes, Rogues, Villains and Weirdos that go out and experience life for Real.

In NIGHT WALKERS you are a rising Bap-e-net Star. A character who tackles the challenges of fighting to survive, seducing the most beautiful lifeforms, and enjoying the most extreme pleasures of the galaxy. Your experience is broadcast 36 hours a day, 9 days a week to a universe hungry for entertainment, but too lazy to go out and do it themselves. High Ratings mean fame fortune and your own custom tailored planet. Low Ratings mean you just haven't discovered what freakish thing you need to do to succeed yet.

Heroes and rogues of the 31st Century are made of stern stuff. They have to be ... the amount of fighting, partying and mischief they get upto. Normal humans would rapidly perish from exhaustion or excess if they tried to keep up the pace of Bap-e-net stars. However the answer came along five centuries ago.

In the 25th Century the ancient bloodlines finally reawakened. It had been a dull few centuries and most of them had lapsed into a sleep of ages. Demons, werewolves, vampires and ghosts all returned to the universe after uncounted eons. The corrupt blood of the Demon kind had lay sleeping in the hell pits of Scargroth VI The tainted blood of the Werekin had slumbered in the ancient forests of Howling Prime. The hungry blood of the Vampire kith had rested in the gloomy tombs of Bauhaus VII The ethereal blood of the ghost clans had drifted senselessly in the void around 23 Rutland Ave. Just by Sefton Park in Liverpool. Earth. But now the universe was ready for them again once again. They awakened and nothing was ever the same again.

Your character is from one of these weird and ancient clans.

We run this game via the SALROTH Gaming Website. Free to join and register and also free to play via the forums. Full rules on creating your character and joining the game available on the forum (check the link!)


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