Obsidian Colony

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Costs: free
Email: mwalker18425@yahoo.com [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: one per week
URL: http://obsidiansims.homestead.com/ocentrance.html [ dead link ]
Type: space opera
Last-Update: 2007Aug10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, computer, human, startrek, rpg


You spread your towel out, take a seat, dust the sand off your hands, and stare out into the brilliant aquamarine blue seas. A salty breeze of ocean air blows against your face and you turn to it instinctively. The sound of gulls crying overhead compliments the sounds of waves crashing into the shore and you close your eyes to listen. Happy children run past you, some build castles in the sand, some gallop into the warm ocean waters, and still others drag body boards into the waves. Nearby, a civilian shouts safety instructions to a group playing too far out, a waiter stops by and asks you for your drink order, and still the waves roll in and the wind rustles the oceanside grasses.

Did you ever think that serving in Starfleet could look like this? Could sound like this? Could smell like this?

On Obsidian Colony, a tropical paradise in the rough, Starfleet life can be all this and more. Tired of those tight starship quarters? We have full houses dedicated to our senior staff and VIPs. Tired of replicated food? We have fresh cooked, fresh caught foods in our recreation center. Tired of recycled air, perfect atmosphere, and the feeling you're living in a fish bowl? Come to Obsidian Colony and breathe a breath of fresh air!

Not a Starfleet Officer? Used to be a Starfleet Officer? Got a story to tell? We're looking for interesting civilians as well. Many open positions exist and even those that don't exist can. If you can dream it, you can live it on this brand new colony.

Apply today and join this growing, exciting, and amazing family and crew as they explore the unknown while living upon it. Think colony life is boring...think again! With over seventy posts our first month and forty posts our second, this colony provides excitement, entertainment, life and love, perfect beaches, perfect margaritas, and so much more!

The perfect day awaits your arrival upon the perfect planet! Join Commander Matthew Ryan Stone and his crew as they live every day to its fullest...in paradise!


Currently looking to fill the following positions: Chief Operations Officer Chief Tactical Officer Strategic Operations

and more!

Civilian open positions include: Mayor Starfleet/Civilian Liaison Hotel Operator Restuarant Owner

and still more!


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