ETO MANAGER (Extra Time Online)

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Costs: 4 GB pound every month (up to 5 matches per week)
Email: [ok]
Frequency: every day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Strategy Management Football Game
Last-Update: 2007Aug02
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, computer, modern, sports


ETO MANAGER is our brand new online football management game from KJC GAMES. We have been offering free beta test places over the past few weeks and the game goes live on the 5th August 2007. The object is simple, be the best manager! As a starting manager you can only get a job in the bottom division but this is just temporary. The division you are in generally determines the capabilities of fellow managers. As the other managers at this level will also be fairly new to the game, it gives you a chance of winning. Don't worry, you can swap jobs, taking over other teams, you just need to have enough manager points to take over ones in higher divisions. It is not difficult to take over teams in higher divisions, it just needs a bit of skill and some work. You wouldn't want to face veteran managers before you are ready - yes, you can be sacked if things go badly! Among the great features of this game are: * Buy and Sell players using our auction style transfer market! * Play anywhere and anytime - no downloads required! * Meet and make friends with managers from all over the world! * Work your way up the leagues creating a great reputation! * The chance to play a match everyday - select friendlies with other teams on days you do not have official matches, no extra charge, it's all included in the flat subscription fee of 4GB pounds per month.

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