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Costs: none
Email: edgeworld@warpygmy.com [ok]
Frequency: once to twice a week
URL: http://edgeworld.warpygmy.com [ dead link ]
Type: Post Holocaust Cyberpunk
Last-Update: 2010May01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg

Edgeworld is a gritty cyberpunk-esque future wherein massive conglomerate megacorps rule the world and all of its varied nuances.

Society is primarily made up of three definitive tiers. Corpse, Lancers and Edgers roam the sordid streets and the gloom-ridden skies, the scintillating precincts of the matrix and the near and distant fringes of the cold vacuum of space pursuing their goals or just surviving.

Corpse live to hold court within the garishly appointed corporate court of the boardroom, undercutting enemies and backing the power plays that will see them rise to greater heights of affluence and wealth. Lancers ply their various trades wherever the work is to be had, avoiding as much entanglement as they can while pursuing their livelihoods. The Edgers act like any eco-based guerilla terrorist cells that are outclassed, recognizing that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and if no one stands up to the mega-corps it’s already all over.

One of these paths belongs to you...

This is a free-form game set in a dark and dreary world filled with unspeakable pleasures and more vice, graft, and corruption than you can shake a stick at. Betrayal and despair are as commonplace as the natural accumulation of litter and detritus that accompany any gathering of people who just don’t care anymore. In a world were the validity of the soul and the usefulness of a conscience are suspect at best, beauty that is only skin deep is the norm, man-machines and a multitude of bots, drones, and enough corporate intrusion in the form of advertising to make even an advertising exec vomit dayglow are the common fair for one and all.

If you feel this might be an interesting setting within which to develop a character and take a part in exploring this dark and sordid world please feel free to peruse the site and follow the pbem page’s directions.


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