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Frequency: Open
Type: Based on TV Series "Firefly" & Film "Serenity"
Last-Update: 2007Jun11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Torchwood is an e-mail based RPG game based on the TV series "Firefly".

The game is set in and around the same time as the TV series "Firefly", on-board an entirely new Firefly class ship, with a new crew and new challenges ahead.

Take a look around the site and if you are interested, then please come and join us.


Torchwood is a Collaborative Fan Fiction Environment, which is a form of Play by E-mail RPG.

Traditional PBeM RPGs have extremely quick post turnaround, allowing a high degree of character interaction, whereas Torchwood is played more slowly and stresses well-written, generally more lengthy and often complete posts.

Torchwood has more in common with the old-fashioned snail-mail RPGs than modern mailing list or BBS-based games. If you enjoy leaving 'tags' for other players to respond to the post you just wrote, then you might not enjoy Torchwood.

On the other hand, if you enjoy writing elaborate stories in a colourful setting with well-developed characters, then Torchwood is the place for you !.

The associated site is currently in the final stages of completion, but we are now looking for crew.


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