Wrestling Weekly

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Costs: £4.00
Email: kabirchowdhury@hotmail.com
Email: kabirchowdhury@hotmail [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: maximum of 8 tries
URL: http://www.wsw.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: Technical skills
Last-Update: 2007May30
Keywords: free, computer, mixed, sports, modern, closed-ended, www


My game includes wrestlers from all over the world.IT clearly states that maneuvers can be utilised more than twice.innovative match creations will earn the player 150points. A point will be deducted for illegal blows.

If a wrestler is a brawler he earns 70 points.but if he loses the match he loses points.

Flamboyant competitors are allowed to participate

Nudity is permitted but only in certain tournaments. This rule states that no getting your kit off stands firm.

A wrestler who's new can get a title shot in his/her fourth month. for this to come to pass He/She must have a clause in their contract.

Any half-hearted performance will be a result for point loss. If this clause expires then he/she doesn't get a title shot

Women wrestlers are disguarded if they recieve less points.

A wrestler who's first on the leaderboard or in heinsight at least 4,000 points is given the option to either retire or given a prize

A stable of wrestlers if they're successful they're awarded 3,000 points.

If a wrestler wins a no DQ match He/she is awarded 20,000 points. And a bye meaning He/She can take a night off.

If an official is manhandled by a wrestler the wrestler will forfit his/her title to the undefeated opponent.

If a wrestler is undefeated for at least 4 years He/She gets 100 points a year.

A manager who manages more than 4 wrestlers gets £10,000 that implies £1,000 a month.

A female wrestler is awarded 30,000 points if she chooses to retire.


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