Secrets of Dreywood

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Costs: none, free
Frequency: once every 3- 5 days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: modern horror erotica
Last-Update: 2007Mar23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, vampire, modern, rpg


Dreywood is a homely woodland community located just 347 miles southwest of Denver, CO. At used to be. Ever since the yuppies started moving in and buying up real estate as if the market was going to crash, things have begun to change... Not only have they begun to change in the matters of money, but the population which resides in Dreywood are becoming more...sinister. Something happened about two decades back, and now suddenly, Dreywood is being overrun with stories of strange wolfish beasts and murdered victims with peculiar bite marks in their necks.

It seemed to just happen overnight, and once the yuppies had a firm grip on the lands, it was all downhill from there. Clubs and high class restaurants began popping up, hotels with strange secrets that they hide below ground. And the people...something has them frightened slightly, afraid to tread into the shadows of the nighttime forest.

Some have taken well to the new, bustling city-like life bestowed upon the small country town. Others are trying desperately to hold onto their woodland culture. But no matter what side anyone takes, no one can deny the strange and almost twisted crowd Dreywood is now attracting; women whom walk their men on leashes moguls who take their harem with them everywhere. Dreywood is slowly but surely losing its sweet hometown culture, whether the locals like it or not.

So come, travel away to Dreywood and sample the sweet sensuous tastes of this new rich lifestyle. Are you one of the many whom have learned to love this newfound woodland haven? Or are you one of the few that just wants your simple homely culture back, intact? Whichever side you choose, you are still delving into the Secrets of Dreywood, where the darkness is only half the excitement.


Secrets of Dreywood is a text-style modern horror erotica run and played in the (fictional) once homely woodland town of Dreywood, CO. From the Lurron Manor and its rich estates right down to the OK Café in the Residential District, Dreywood is a community to be admired.

Vampires, Weres, Witches and all other manner of supernaturals have stalked its streets for two decades now, reveling in the simplicity of this new bustling town and its blissfully unaware mortal population. Some believe the business executives have made a prime vacation location any rich mogul would love to visit; while others abhor the yuppies who are now invading their once peaceful forest culture.

Choose your place, take your side, and delve into the sins of flesh and blood as only immortals can; for Dreywood is a haven for unspoken secrets, and the pleasures which you can reap are nigh limitless.


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Players must be 18 years or older to participate.


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