War & Peace III

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Costs: FREE.
Email: fidesratioque@yahoo.com
Frequency: One per week.
URL: http://www.moralism.org/warandpeace/forum/index.php [ dead link ]
Type: historical, wargame, strategy, turn-based
Last-Update: 2007Mar05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, historical, wargame, economic, rpg



A game of grand strategy, diplomacy and economic management, War & Peace is set in the tumultous 1920s. Europe has just emerged from the Great War, weak but not broken, and abroad, the rapid processes of political modernization are at work: nationalist movements in China, India and South America threaten to reshape the world. Meanwhile, monarchs, rebels, saboteurs and mad scientists all mingle together to make for potent storytelling.

The game's history to date:

* Ustachi fascist rebels rise up in Yugoslavia, threatening to topple the new monarchy. Will King Alexander and his Parliament be able to rally, or will internal and ethnic divisions condemn the brainchild of the League of Nations to an early death?

* Spain leads the Mediterranean Axis on a sudden attack against France; the Republic's troops, caught unaware, are thrown back across the Loire to Paris, where they prepare to make a final desperate stand. What are Spain's ambitions? And will France's allies act in time to prevent a total surrender?

* Swedish troops, following the Spanish example, rush across the border to Finland. However, the Finish General Staff is well prepared and the Swedish offensive grinds to a halt after making token gains. The onset of winter follows rumors of the British intervention in the war...

After a lengthy hiatus at the end of 2005, the game is back and using a new Excel sheet format which makes playing extremely easy.

My goal is to create an atmosphere where each player can be creative within the framework of the rules. I've seen all kinds of things in my over seven years of GMing: space programs in the 1800s consisting of giant Moon Cannons, a resurgent Papal State that becomes the dominant European power, a Dutch government that walls itself off from the world and begins feeding its people on nutrient paste... In War & Peace, ANYTHING is possible, even realism. :)

At the moment, I have around 15 players. My goal is to have around 20-25.

I'd be honored if you would take a look at my website (further updates to follow) and browse the current list of available countries:


As of now, though, the following are available on a first come, first served basis:















assorted other Chinese warlords

Saudi Arabia





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