GI Soccer

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Costs: Free!
Email: [ok]
Frequency: Everyday
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: football, roleplay, sports
Last-Update: 2007Aug25
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, modern, rpg, sports


GI Soccer is a roleplaying fantasy football website. Well organised, detailed and with an ambitious administration team, the GI has a good reputation within the roleplay footballing world and has a superb nucleus of experienced and clever members on board. Whilst there are currently two leagues of twelve, there are plans to further extend the site and add more teams and more members in the future.

A new site has now been designed (February 2007) which means the franchise has been alive now for nearly 5 years. The site is completey FREE to join and anyone is allowed to apply for a managerial position.

The actual object of the game is to manage a team and interact with other managers, via a message board. You will be given the freedom to roleplay your way to the top, signing players, managing your club and adding your spice to the GI footballing world. Along the way you will encounter plenty of fun and realistic obstacles the site has to offer.

Where most sites go, this one goes that little bit further for it's members, offering a great service of information. No stone is left unturned in GI Soccer. The site offers a realistic view on the game, featuring in-depth news articles and match reports, interesting club pages and quirky player profiles to keep you busy for hours.


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