World at War (Canada)

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Costs: Free
Frequency: one per week
Type: Wargame (WWII style)
Last-Update: 2007Feb10
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, historical, wargame, gui, economic


We are currently accepting sign ups for the next regular game of World at War. This will be the 44th game of World at War. Which should tell you that the game is pretty good.

World at War assumes that a global war is about to break out on the planet (similar to WWII on Earth) and each player is in charge of one of the countries. This is a strategic/operational level game, with the map consisting of irregular shaped areas, turns being 3 months, land units being mostly divisions, air units are squadrons and naval units are groups of ships. Some of the items in the game include:

different types of resources (food, fuel, hmetal, lmetal, credits and production) required to build units.

air units have to fly out of airbases to do a mission and return to base after the mission

10 types of land units (HQ Arm Mech Inf Par Mar Stc AT Art AA)

6 type of air units (Ftr LB MB HB ATrn)

6 type of naval units (CFlt HFlt LFlt Sub NATr NTrn)

technology gains can be made in each type of unit

units use up supply to do a mission

limited intelligence

world market to buy and sell resources

diplomacy with neutral areas

unlimited number of commands and unlimited number of units in an area

The above is the official overview of the game, but it doesn't come close to describing the endless possibilities the game has to offer.

If you think World at war is of interest to you. Please vist our web site and have a look around. A true wargamer will not regret doing so.


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