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Email: Unitedlegion@hotmail.com
Frequency: 2-3 times
Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2007Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, space, rpg


Year 2020:

Everyone always wondered in a "what if" situation as to when a meteor might crash here on Earth. The media always talked about, scientists always gave their theories about it. What if, this was the day? What if this was Judgment day? Or in other words what if this was only the beginning?

Our home Earth was hit by a huge asteroid. Asteroid Theoro wiped out over 50 million people in less than a second. The point of impact was over Toronto Canada. The size of the asteroid destroyed Canada in matter of seconds. The few who survived were killed instantly by the catastrophic climate changes. Upper and Middle Canada was destroyed completely. The Climate changes created huge tornadoes, earthquakes and floods. Detroit, Buffalo, New Jersey and part of New York were completely destroyed after the crash of Theoro.

This all happened in less than a week. United States of America moved into swift action. With the help from surrounding countries, USA was rebuilt slowly. This was the most shocking, unprecedented event in Earth's history.

What the people of Earth didn't know was that, the meteorite brought something else than death and destruction. The whole Asteroid was made up off crystals, and these crystals broke, releasing its fumes in the Earth's sky.

Over time, approximately 15 years into the future, children were born into this world, but they were born with a genetic defect. That genetic defect gave them extraordinary powers.

The government of Earth created a secret organization that would seek out the gifted and make them join their ranks. This organization was called Project United. They would train the people who are different to manifest their powers, and train them how to use their wonderful gifts to help out the mankind.

Some gifted students broke away, deciding it was wrong to be kept trapped in a cell. They were outcasts, using their abilities for evil not good. A lot of candidates stayed and enjoyed their lives, living with their own families and working hard to protect Earth from many evils.

These 7 candidates gained a name for themselves. They were named United Legion!

I have been away for almost 4 years from PBEG. I want to get back into it. I need at least 6 players to get this project up and running. I need very dedicated simmers also, new simmers are welcomed. If you are interested please email me!


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