USS Bunker Hill (2007)

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Costs: Free
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: One log per week
Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2007Feb04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


Site Name: USS Bunker Hill NCC - 70424 Site Link: Click here Contact Name: Lieutenant Commander Sharpe Contact E-Mail:

The USS Bunker Hill, recommissioned in 2383, boldy goes where no Federation starship has gone before...Romulan Space. In the aftermath of Shinzon's regime, Romulus stands on the brink of civil war and unrest builds among the protectorate states of the Empire.

Bunker Hill is assigned as an olive branch, on a peace-keeping mission to the Romulan Star Empire. Old prejudices die hard and as the crew faces old enemies of the Federation, nothing can prepare them for the threat that is coming......

This is a different kind of SIM, with an overall yearly story arc. This year will detail a growing unrest among the Romulans, a possible civil war, and a growing yet mysterious threat to all life in the galaxy...

We're just at the beginning of our adventure, please join us as we venture into unexplored space and as we create a new kind of Star Trek pbem!

Open Positions include:

Chief CONN Officer Strategic Operations Officer Chief Engineer Engineer Chief Medical Officer Medical Officer Head Nurse Chief Couselor Counselor Romulan Fleet Liason


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