NeXus: 616 X-Men RPG

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NeXus: An X-Men RPG

For over four years, Nexus has striven to bring a dramatic and dynamic world to life for its players. Based in the 616-verse, it picks up in late 1995, transpiring after the fateful conclusion of the Age of Apocalypse. Original plots, intricate game play, and amazing story-writing talent of our players has contributed to neXus' growth and we're always looking for new players to join in on the fun!

Devoted to rich story telling and a living world where characters can thrive, players are asked to contribute three, full paragraphs per post minimum, with many averaging five paragraphs! This high caliber of writing has been recognized with compliment and awards over the years, and we thank all of those whose time made such accomplishments and praise possible! Back before the ezboard hack that deleted many posts, neXus had been in the ezboard spotlight for two consecutive months, and we've won numerous topsite awards including: Best X-Men RPG and Best X-Men RPG Name. Known for its high standard of writing, fantastic layout, original plots, and a dedicated player fanbase, neXus is the place to be!


It started with the death of Cyclops. The X-Men were thrown into chaos, forced to deal with the loss of their leader, to cope with the grief and anger; each struggling with the inner demons spawned from such loss, and shocked by the betrayal of their most intimate foe, Magneto. The Brotherhood had finally crossed the line from ideological opposition in to dogged adversary. Never before had the X-Men felt such loss chiseled in stone, no last minute salvation or quaint ruse; no misunderstanding or sliver of hope. Cyclops was dead, and not one character didn't feel the nature of the universe itself change that day.

Later, The Sisters Gorgon, led by Selene, had tried to dominate the world in one fell swoop...and nearly succeeded. Fortune was with the valiant, however, and despite the combined forces of X-Men and Brotherhood killed beneath the combined power of the Infinity Gems, life was renewed in the shadow of Selene's annihilation by the cosmic power she'd sought to wield. At the conclusion, another life was restored during her demise by a hand from the past. The world was turning once again, a harbinger brought back, foreshadowing terrible events to come. A destiny remained to be realized. He rose, and came face to face with his executioner, Magneto.

Cyclops was back. And his return marked the beginning of a new Age of Apocalypse.

En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse himself, had awoken with the culmination of the Infinity Gems' power. In their wake, he acquired a power far greater than the Gems alone could grant. Life as we know it must now struggle to survive before Earth falls beneath Apocalypse's merciless gaze with the use... of a Cosmic Cube. NeXus, an X-Men RPG, will play host to our sixth chapter in Destiny's Diaries: The Reign of Apocalypse, which ends in the next upcoming weeks.


NeXus is always looking for more players to join the neXus community! If you think you've got the writing skills, the dedication, and the need to play with writers with fantastic writing skills like yourself, then come on by and check us out. You'll like what you see!

Here are our currently open canon characters:

- Bishop (Lucas Bishop)

- Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

- Juggernaut (Cain Marko)

- Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock)

- Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)

And more!


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