Moonbase Prime

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Costs: free
Email: [ok]
Frequency: One per week
Type: Economic moon-colony sim
Last-Update: 2006Dec17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, modern, economic, abstract


In the near future, men will colonize the moon. Three national consortiums will have a permanent presence there, and soon the market will fluctuate in a manner that makes a private venture commercially viable. In various industry papers, the following advertisement will appear:

"Lunar Resources Corporation is seeking a dynamic individual who enjoys travel and challenges, has extensive management experience, and is comfortable in high-stress situations managing the expectations of various parties. The Board of Directors has recently authorized the completion of various plans for a permanent, private venture to the surface of the Moon. The Colony Director will have input from the beginning of the colony's construction, and will be the on-site representative of the Lunar Resources Corporation."

"The Director will have access to three distinct budgets: Operating, Construction, and Research. The Director will be expected to oversee the construction of new portions of the colony, the day-to-day maintenance of life and systems, the management of research, operating, and tourist personnel, as well as the coordination of delivery schedules for personnel and materials. Interested parties please inquire at the following address."

Moonbase Prime will be literary and freeform. It will be essentially a collaborative story-telling effort between a single player in the character of the Director, and the GM who represents the NPCs - Board of Directors, assistants, researchers, etc. This is a near-future setting; no ray-guns, fusion plants, or little green men . . . at least to start with. Come help shape spacefaring history by giving common people their first access to the stars!


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