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Costs: Free
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Frequency: two per week
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Type: Future Mecha Wargame
Last-Update: 2009Feb18
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, wargame, economic, rpg


From the ashes of several fallen mercenary commands, the Hellstorm Hussars Mercenary Command formed on Terra February 22nd, 3074, quickly earned an exemplary reputation and name of their own, stepping out of the shadow of those once proud units. What began with a heroic victory over the superior hardware fielded by the Kelerics Crushers Mercenary battalion on Cerberus, Outworld's Alliance, formed the backbone of a unit that would rival, and now surpasses that unit they defeated. With that experience in hand, the Hellstorm Hussars continued to fight for the Star League, Federated Suns, Free World's League and Lyran Alliance against forces from three of Kerensky's finest the Ghost Bears, Star Adders and Jade Falcons.

Engaged in battle in what today is the Rasalhague Dominion, the Hellstorm Hussars defeated two Ghost Bears clusters and a the better part of a third while marooned behind enemy lines and compelled to fight a guerrilla campaign in the Jungles of Dehgolan until relieved. Rebuilding from their losses, the core now tested under Kerensky's Fire carried their string of victories into Operation LoreLai in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. There with the aid of the Thorin FTM, Star League and the other Mercenary Commands of Task Force Thunder, the Hellstorm Hussars helped break the back of the Jade Falcon Galaxy on world, climaxing in the defeat of Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt in single Combat by the Hellstorm Hussars commander Timothy Maddox. That victory provided the opening for the Task Force Thunder commander General Archer Christifori to extricate his command unit from the battle and begin the ordered withdraw of the Task Force from Dompaire before the Jade Falcon reinforcements could arrive on world. Shortly thereafter, the Hellstorm Hussars with the help of Davion forces on planet destroyed three Star Adder Clusters on Filtvet and provided the funds and opportunity for the Hellstorm Hussars to expand into a modest Mercenary Regiment.

Now entering their fifth year of service the Hellstorm Hussars have established themselves as a crack Mercenary Regiment comprised of a strong, but balanced force of Battlemechs, Armor, Infantry, and Aerospace assets. Currently, the unit fields two battalions of battlemechs, a mixed auxiliary battalion of armor, artillery, VTOLs, and support, a wing of aerospace fighters, and a newly formed mixed infantry battalion. The Hellstorm Hussars choice of reliable, well-armored designs carrying adequate maneuverability and weapon capabilities has proved favorable for the nascent Mercenary Unit. Their BattleMech Battalions field a range of companies: a pair of assault companies, two heavy cavalry companies, a strike company, and a recon and pursuit company. This arrangement gives the Hellstorm Hussars the flexibility in speed, firepower, mobility, and maneuverability to handle many different types of missions. The Hellstorm Hussar's are uniquely equipped for reconnaissance, and combat campaigns. Like their namesake of long ago, the Hussars are known for their unpredictable, lightning quick strikes and fearless use of combat drop maneuvers to smash their enemies to dust. Come hell or high water, they get the job done.

The Hellstorm Hussars are lead by Colonel Timothy Maddox a veteran noted for his service with the 17th Avalon Hussars. As a commander Colonel Timothy Maddox favors seizing and holding the initiative on the battlefield and is an aggressive strategist. Alongside him, Captain William Taggart, the recently assigned unit XO, is a veteran of fighting in the Free Rasalhague Republic. As one of the founding members of the unit, Captain William Taggart has taken in part in nearly every major contract that the Hellstorm Hussars have completed. His leadership, tenacity, and fortitude first witnessed on Cerberus and Dehgolan have become traits embodied by the rank and file of the Hellstorm Hussars

The Hellstorm Hussars, a veteran unit led by honorable men and women, favor contracts that display their worth on the field of honor with strength, courage of conviction, and intensity over contracts which might pit them against the general populace. Because of their expansion to Regiment, the Hellstorm Hussars are presently seeking competent personnel to serve as technicians, armored and unarmored infantry, tank and artillery commanders, mechwarriors and VTOL and aerospace pilots.


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