Kill the Mutants

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Costs: $10 a month
Frequency: five times a week
Type: special forces versus super powers
Last-Update: 2006Nov20
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


Urban One, America's top special forces team, has been recalled to the United States. The US Government has discovered the existance of people with super-powers. In light of the potential security threat posed by these people, extreme sanctions have been authorized.

Mutant One, the joining of Urban One and various other special forces personell, have successfully elimintated a regenerator, a flame controller, a disintigrator, an indestructable man, several energy dischargers, a speed freak and others.

Mysteries have appeared. Why do many of the mutants know one another? Why did they get powers and not others?

Join Mutant 2, Mutant One's counterpart, in ridding America of this mutant menace.


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Greg Lindahl