RPG Gathering

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Costs: none
Email: priklyparamite1@yahoo.com
Frequency: 3-5 days
URL: http://s11.invisionfree.com/RPG_Gathering/ [ dead link ]
Type: open-game multi-genre board
Last-Update: 2006Nov11
Keywords: free, open-ended, closed-ended, www, human, fantasy, vampire, space, startrek, modern, historical, rpg



Ever get tired of playing in the same game? Bored having to look at constant sites for a place to run your own game? Well look no further! A new site has just been created, RPG Gathering. At RPG Gathering you can start your own games, join ongoing ones, and search over numerous different threads in numerous different settings. Our games span from fantasy settings, to sci-fi and futuristic. Open any kind of game inside your own message board domain created specifically for you; or, join one that has already been created. Here, players have the power. The power to create, the power to destroy, and the power to have their kind of game, their way. There is no cost to join, run or play, it is just another role-playing site to open up your own opportunities. Open any type of game at the RPG Gathering, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, D&D, video game spin-offs, or even television crossovers. This site is for you, the players, to have the freedom you need and desire.

We also accept the relocation of old or pre-set games from YahooGroups, to our message board environment. Tired of being disorganized and overcrowded? Switch over with us, and we'll do all we can to help you out. ^^

So come check us out. It's worth the five minutes to just click on the link and read through.

Contact priklyparamite1@yahoo.com with any questions or concerns.


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