Tekkaman blade 'The Return'

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Tekkaman Blade "The Return" Deviates from the story we know as Tekkaman blade 2. The reason was simple. In tekkaman blade 2 we have Rahdam showing up with Tekkaman that where more like cannon fodder. If blade for instance could whipe out most of their forces whithout blinking the end would have meant the real end of Radam.

The real threat of this RP isnt really radam. (they will be again though) but more the people from earth.

Somehow the daughter of Colbert gained the full support of the military and she used most of her status to prusuade the people to litteraly see the Tekkaman and primary bodies as underdogs of society. This has resulted in numerous deaths of primary bodies.

Because most primary bodies wherent fully changed into tekkaman they dint have any real way to fight back.

Now it is up to the space knights to somehow get the two sides to accept each other as to monitor space incase of another Invasion.


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