War of Assassins

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Costs: free
Email: lonestarfedaykin@gmail.com
Frequency: real time
URL: http://warofassassins.freeforumhost.com/warofassassins.html [ dead link ]
Type: Dune based political intrigue
Last-Update: 2006Sep25
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, economic, rpg


War of Assassins is a pbp, turn based strategy and role playing game set in the universe depicted in Frank Herbert's Dune series. The War of Assassins game begins in the year 7200ag (After Guild), 2991 years before the events in the first Dune book, and focuses mainly on the Great Houses of the Landsraad and their quest for power, influence and dominance of the Landsraad. Players assume the role of a noble ruler of their own House Major and are responsible for advancing their House politically, economically and militarily. Positions of influence on the Landsraad High Council, CHOAM Directorate or Governorship of Arrakis can be gained by acquiring power and wealth and outmaneuvering rival Houses. Each House is responsible for fielding their own House staff that can be used to accomplish numerous actions for your House that include diplomacy, espionage, sabotage, smuggling, dueling and when necessary, assassinations. Houses are capable of recruiting and training their legions to use in defense of their fief or to be used in the acquisition of other fiefs and planetary holdings. Gaining the Emperor's favor, solari and the ever important spice mélange will help further your House's reputation and influence within the Imperium. All of this takes place against an exciting background of Imperial politics and intrigue where players not only compete with or forge alliances with other Houses, but also interact with the Imperial House Corrino, the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the sinister agents of the foul Bene Tleilax. So turn on your shield belt, guard yourself for true and join the War of Assassins!

Our group of gamers has been playing various formats of Dune rpg's together for about 4 years. War of Assassins is a relatively new game and we are about to embark on turn 5. Many canon Houses are currently being played, but new players can pick from a list of unclaimed Houses or create their own original House. If you are a Dune fanatic, like to role-play and strategize, and are looking for an actively played and managed rpg, check into War of Assassins.

Turns are 2 weeks in length and begin on Saturdays. We are primarily a forum based rpg, but we also use elements of pbem and larp in our chatroom. Prospective new players will need to post an audition. Once your audition is approved, your membership will be approved and you can begin play.


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