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Costs: zero
Email: kristofstoops@gmail.com
Frequency: As much as you want
URL: http://s15.invisionfree.com/OFWF_Storylines/ [ dead link ]
Type: Wrestling Game, using storylines to build up your character
Last-Update: 2006Sep16
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, sports


OFWF is a Wrestling Game, using storylines to build up your character

You will take control over one OFWF Superstar, and compete for the gold. The first step is to create a wrestler and post him in the Applications section. After your wrestler has been approved, he will be moved to the Roster Section, and you will be told where your journey starts.

The point of this game is, that you will have to respond to the information that you've been given. This can be pretty much anything, it could be what moves you would like to use most in a match, or it could be an answer on what you think about a certain person. Sometimes, you will get options on what to choose, while on other occasions, you are free to answer what you like. Whatever you choose or answer, everything you say will affect the storyline you're currently in, and your future storylines in OFWF. During the game, you will have to compete against other players, but also against certain wrestlers controlled by the admins. Think well about your application form, as it is the base of your character.

Let me give you an example on how it will work.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're sitting in a limo, waiting for the moment you've been looking forward to since you saw your first wrestling match: Signing your contract at the OFWF. You look outside and see people pass by, the same people that will be coming to see you wrestle in the ring very soon. The limo driver hits the brakes and tells you that you've arrived at the OFWF Building. You step out of the limo and you see The OFWF Boss Kristof Stoops walking towards you.

The Boss: Hello new guy, I'm the boss of OFWF, Kristof Stoops, Today we'll be signing your contract. What are your goals for the first few weeks?

Your answer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is an example of what awaits you. You might also get a few options to choose from. Let's say you choose to form a tag team. Then you might get this as a next storyline.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So you want to form a Tag Team eh? Ok, that's allright. Who do you want as a partner then?

Your Answer: - John Jones - Fred Fredson - Ron Robinson - Actually, I changed my mind, I'd rather stay as a singles competitor --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

That is another option. When you have a match, everything you have answered up to that match affects the outcome. However, for the match itself, you'll have to choose tactics: What kind of Moves you'll use most, how dirty you want to play it, etc. What options you'll get will depend on the type of match, your personality and what you've done to affect the storyline(for example: You could have arranged an alliance with another wrestler in a Triple Threat Match, so you'll get the option to gang up on the third wrestler)


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