TV Land

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Costs: Free
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: One per week
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Type: TV Simulation Game
Last-Update: 2006Sep14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


TV Land is a game that attempts to simulate the television business. Members can run their own Network, run their own Production Company, or become a journalist.

Do you think you can create the greatest TV Station of all time? Do you think you could fill it with the most entertaining shows of all time? If so, prove it!

TV Land is an Online Television Simulator game where you can be the President of your own TV Network, Run your own Production Company, and even become a Journalist.

As a Network President you can cut deals with Production Companies to fill your Network with the most entertaining shows, and work with them to get the most entertaining stars. Put your most popular shows on during Primetime and watch them go head to head against other networks. You control everything, from which type of shows to go after, to when they air, to how many episodes you produce, and even which shows you renew and which ones you cancel.

As a Production Company you turn your dreams into reality. What a futuristic Dramedy starring Jennifer Garner and Michael Chiklis? Then make it a reality. Cut deals with the biggest networks to help your show become America's #1. Wheel and deal throughout the season and bring in a new era of Television Prosperity.

Just so you know, a Network President runs their own TV Station. They pay for pilots, set their TV schedule, and get to do pretty much anything they want to their network. For the first season we will only have three networks. This way we can get started faster and it will save all of us some headache.

A Production company translates their dreams into $$$. As president you will come up with various TV ideas and pitch them to the networks. Most of the time you will also be in charge of casting your show. ONLY a production company can create TV show ideas.

A journalist is someone who reports on everything going on in the TV Land world. As a journalist you can run your own column and report about pretty much anything in the TV Land world. Interview Network Presidents and learn what their lineup will consist of, or help create hype for up and coming shows.


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