Bleach : Endgame

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Costs: free
Email: [ok]
Frequency: One per week minimum
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Anime RP based on the Bleach Series
Last-Update: 2006Jul28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


Bleach: Endgame is a Bleach Role Playing Game, RP / RPG based on the Japanese Anime of the same name. After being in a group and seeing it disband after quite some time and finding no alternative I have decided to create my own one.

This RP will take place in an Alternate Universe from Kubo Tite's characters thus allowing us all to create our own characters and explore together the possibilities. If you seek to RP with Ichigo and Co. then check out


In an ancient prophecy by a former leader of the Gotei 13 of Soul Society, he forsaw a creature of creatures. A merging monster that could at will change from Shinigami to Hollow. This creature would ultimately condemn the world to darkness.

As Soul Society licks its wounds from the last fight, it seems that the war is not over. The former Shinigami Exerxes has made his move towards 'destiny'. Now able to at will turn from Shinigami to Arrankar and to Vizard, Exerxes is truly the creature of merging in the prophecy.

After the disappearance of Ijom from the 'Void', it has degenerated into a place of in-fighting. Hollow fights Hollow, pack fights pack in order to gain supremacy but Exerxes could well use this opportunity to take over the throne.

Meanwhile Hueco Mundo has still yet to make its true mark. Recently a Hollow of immense power has been floating about causing mayhem amongst the Shinigami but nothing of note has emerged yet.

So now is the time to decide. Are you a Shinigami, vowed to stopping the ancient prophecy? Are you a Hollow seeking power in the Void? Are you an Arrankar from Hueco Munda overjoyed to cause havoc? Or are you something else? Decision time is here:


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