Infamous Days

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Costs: free
Frequency: weekly
Type: WWII strategic wargame
Last-Update: 2006Jul22
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December 7th 1941, it was a date that would forever be etched into not only the generation of Americans alive in 1941, but for all the countless generations that would follow it. It was the day that America came abruptly and brutally to the realization that it could no longer stand by and watch Europe and the rest of the world become enflamed in conflict. It was the day that America was forced to enter the greatest war history had ever known at that time for the survival of Europe, America was forced to fight for its survival.

At the time no one realized what the cost of victory over the Axis powers would be, no one realized what the cost in American lives would be to reclaim Oahu or the Pacific, or free Britain and the rest of Western Europe from the tyranny of the Nazis, or even the cost of American lives for freeing Russia from Axis occupation. On that hazy Sunday so many years ago, America and her citizens were living in a time of innocence, that innocence was shattered with Japanese Aircraft destroying the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor. The Battleships were but the first victims of the Pacific War, the Enterprise, the Saratoga quickly joined the American list of losses. The losses of the Enterprise and Saratoga meant that Lexington was the last remaining carrier in the Pacific as the Yorktown had been sent to the Atlantic fleet to assist in the Royal Navy in combat operations against the Kriegsmarine.

The Jacksonville, the Washington, the Iowa, the Lexington and many more ships like them were to become endeared to history, fighting against all odds to secure victory against the Axis Alliance. American Sailors and Marines would fight against tremendous odds and eventually take back Japanese Fortification on Oahu, Midway, Wake, and a thousand other islands. The world has never seen valor like was displayed in those years. We are getting a head of ourselves here discussing the ending of war, to fully understand the conflict that was the Second World War we should go back to it's darkest days, Mid December, 1941, when the Pacific Fleet was scrambling to rebuild itself, and Soldiers, Marines and Resistance fighters were fighting the Japanese Invasion of Oahu.

In those days, the American 1st Fleet had been wiped out by the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. The American 2nd Fleet had been reorganized in San Diego, and the USS Jacksonville, being on of the only ships to survive the destruction of the 6th Fleet was made Flagship of US 2nd Fleet. Several Battleships were being rushed out of the dockyards, the Iowa Class Battleships were due in 12-20 months to be on the front line, with the Iowa and Missouri going to the Pacific and New Jersey and Wisconsin heading to the Atlantic. There were even rumors of a new super battleship, Kentucky Class that was being planned to avenge Oahu. For the navy officers in the Pacific it was what they had secretly hoped for, a Big God Damned Navy War.


Well right now there are several different storylines occuring, as you could imagine with this sim Below is a brief summary and a link to our list server

1) The American Second Fleet, departed San Diego under the escort of Admiral Halsey and the USS Lexington. Fighting 8, Torpedo 8, and VFM-214 "Black Sheep" are enroute to the Task Group. Operation Tailhook is under way with the objectives of resucing trapped Americans on Oahu

2) PM Winston Churchill is making preparations to evacuate the British Isles, to save the BEF, and fight on in exile as Germany prepares to invade in March.

3) The Marines and 24th Infantry Division are preparing to the leave the Island in Stolen PT Boats. Colonel O'Connor has located and rescued some American POWs and an unconscious General Short. The Navy wives are on the run, after shooting a Japanese Officer

4) Colonel Doolittle is starting preparations for his raid, this time not on Tokyo, but Honolulu.

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