New Mystaran PbeM - For Glory and Fame

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Costs: free
Frequency: 3-4 times per week
Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2006Jul12
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


I am looking for players for a new campaign that is about to start, one that should last for years of game and real life time. Therefore, I need dependable players, who will last more than a few weeks or even a few months. I need adult, mature players who understand what a moral challenge is and that those are bound to happen. They should also know that everything their characters do can and will have consequences, for better or for worse. I need players who can use a spell-checker (a few errors are acceptable, of course, but only a small reasonable amount) and who will send at least three times a week posts that are not one line only. Finally, I have no room for rule lawyers or players who think they can solve any problem with brute force. There will be many opportunities for the players to influence the fate of the world and it is ok to have an extremely ambitious character, if you will play your PC correctly. But real power will come from politics and diplomacy as well as character power. There are powerful NPCs and gods who will not sit still while the characters get stronger and things will happen and change with or without PC intervention.

In order to get the players I want, I have decided to set a pre-game. Each player will start a solo game on its own, at its home town or whatever place he or she is at the start of her or his adventuring career. That is, everyone starts at first level and I will play solo adventures for a while, until all characters finally meet (about a year later, in game time). That way, when we really start as a group, I hope I should only have really interested players and interesting characters.

If you are still interested, we will be using D&D rules as basis, but most of the play will basically be rule-free. Posts should be in-character and game mechanics should be dealt with in a different email or clearly separated from the in-character part. The game will not be free-form, but you will have some liberty on controlling your character and the outcome of his actions, although my word will always be final. We will also be using an old TSR setting, Mystara, to save me enough time to focus on the plotting and the story going on. However, there are enough twists that you should be checking with me even if you know the setting very well. Many of those will not be readily noticed initially, but they are there.

No familiarity with the setting or the game rules is required as that should come naturally as we work to create your PCs and they have their first adventures. The first thing I need is an idea for your character. By that, I mean things like personality, a short story about her/him that reflects the fact all characters have no experience and a few details about the people he/she depends on (family, friends, etc.). Once that is ready, you should be able to send me a character sheet (I can help with that, if needed) and we can start playing the solo game. There is only one requirement about your character interests, so that I can bring everyone who keeps playing together later. A number of posts have been distributed in many cities around the Known World, inviting adventurers willing to accept a dangerous task:

"To all adventures seeking glory and fame A task of great importance requires the assistance of resourceful adventurers. Interested people should ask for Dombur Deephill at The Never-Empty Flagon Bar in Selenica at the third day of Kaldmont, in the year of 1004 AC. Not a day earlier or later."

It seems a normal post. But, as the PCs read the post, the month is Kaldmont, but the day is 24 and the year, 1003AC. And somehow, it catches the attention of your PC, who plans to attend it. Other than that, the PCs will be completely free to decide on their course of actions (some might even decide later not to show at the inn, but they should plan to be there, at first).

Finally, you should expect to gain some experience prior to the meeting and find a way to get to Selenica in time. The amount of experience will depend on the actions of your character during this one year period.

So, send me your initial ideas for a PC and get ready for trouble for a long time. Expect a game where things have been thought to make sense and where if something seems odd, there is probably a reason for that (or I will make one, as needed).


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