Universal Wrestling Association

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Costs: $1.00 per match, special fees will apply to tournaments and special events.
Email: uwawrestling2006@yahoo.com
Frequency: Monthly
Type: Play By Mail Fantasy Wrestling
Last-Update: 2006Jul11
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, snail, human, modern, rpg, sports


Welcome to the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA). The UWA prides itself on being the best independent play by mail wrestling organization in existence. The UWA is an independent play by mail wrestling organization which is owned and operated by Jim Womack. Mr. Womack offers top prizes to his players and you will not find the problems and political climate in the UWA that clouds other fantasy wrestling games. Players in the UWA create and manage the careers of their own imaginary professional wrestlers, no real life wrestlers are allowed. Their wrestlers are then pitted against other imaginary wrestlers created from players from all around the country and the world. Players devise and promote their own angles and storylines by sending in comments, sneak attacks, and matches with a variety of choices. Angles and storylines also occur on random events that can occur during matches. The UWA hopes to relive the era that play by mail wrestling once had and to keep the industry alive and well by providing the best fantasy wrestling experience possible. The UWA is not an e-fed for a few reasons. Most e-feds have a lifespan of only a few weeks to a couple of months and heavy commitments mean that the promoter begins to lose interest and does not have time to devote to the e-fed. That's why Mr. Womack has opened and is bringing this play by mail wrestling promotion to the people who still prefer the old style of fantasy wrestling gaming.

The UWA is designed to satisfy fantasy wrestling players who prefer the old school style of fantasy wrestling, PLAY BY MAIL! For those who do not know, the UWA is played entirely through the mail! It is free to join the UWA, however matches will cost $1.00 each and special fees will apply to tournaments and supercards. Why does the UWA charge money to play? The fees are used to cover the cost of printing out the monthly newsletters or bulletins and mailing them out to all of the players. Each newsletter or bulletin is packed with results, rankings, photos, news, comments, sneak attacks and much more. Bascially everything that happens in the UWA will be detailed in the newsletter or bulletin.

Do you think you have what it takes to excel in the UWA and fulfill your quest at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion?


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