World Championship Wrestling Federation

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Costs: $6 per month for 2 wrestlers, $8 for 3 wrestlers, $10 for 4 wrestlers
Frequency: One TV and one house show per week, PPVs every 2 months
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: internet-based fantasy wrestling game
Last-Update: 2006Jun28
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, mixed, modern, rpg, sports


English only.

Have you ever watched professional wrestling on television, or attended a live event, and wondered what it would be like to BE a wrestler?

If you're a hardcore fan, or somebody who has followed it for an extended period of time, you have no doubt given it some thought. You also understand that wrestling is a unique mixture of athleticism and plots and storytelling all rolled into one.

Now is your chance to live out your fantasy and actually BE a wrestler.

The World Championship Wrestling Federation is an internet based fantasy wrestling game built on one premise - to allow managers (or handlers, as they're sometimes called) to take complete control over their character.

YOU write his interviews. YOU write his angles. YOU choose where he wrestles. The career path of your wrestler rests entirely in YOUR hands. It's everything about being a professional wrestler short of actually stepping into the ring.

But you still have a role in that. YOU create your wrestler from the ground up. Everything from his (or her!) height and weight, attributes, moves, and hometown.

YOU create it all.

The power is entirely in YOUR hands.

Sense a theme here?

The game is about YOU, and what YOU do with YOUR wrestler.

The WCWF isn't built like other fantasy wrestling games, where the number of roleplays or their length determines who wins matches. Our matches are run though a professionally designed customized simulator. That means it is extra important to take great care when building your wrestler from the ground up.

That's not to say creativity, angles, promos, and roleplaying aren't important. Wrestling wouldn't be wrestling without those. But our initial approach is unique. In the end, it's still a fun, fulfilling fantasy wrestling experience.

And the best part? CASH prizes!

That's right: cold, hard, CASH! GREENBACKS! BREAD! Whatever you want to call it.

There is a small fee to participate. To handle 2 wrestlers, it is $6 a month. For 3 wrestlers, it's $8 a month, and for 4 wrestlers, it costs only $10.

We also offer periodic sales, which allow you to pre-pay for a certain length of time for a cheaper price per month!

So what are you waiting for?

For more information, email us.


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