The Gordians: A DC Universe Tale

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Costs: 0$
Frequency: 2-3 per Week
Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2006Jun28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


Welcome to Alexandria, one of the largest coastal cities in the New England area, home to over four million Alexandrians. Glass skyscrapers loom above the Earth, circled by ultra-modern news and police helicopters. On the ground, the streets seem to sparkle, a testament to the city's highly-efficient Public Works Department. Alexandria is also home to ChipCo, a LexCorp subsidiary that provides thousands of jobs to the city's able-bodied citizens.

However, beneath this carefully-crafted veneer lies a city deep in corruption. Shadowy figures control the city and its inhabitants like puppeteers and those willing to dig deep enough will find evil schemes in the works, schemes whose consequences would be disastrous.

You have taken up the mantle of a vigilante, pledging your life to fighting the evils that lurk behind the scenes. Over the past few months you have begun to make a reputation for yourself, but you wish you could do more. A few weeks ago, you meet with three other vigilantes, brought together by a mysterious figure you know only as 'The Macedon'. He has offered you nearly unlimited resources if you agree to work together to save the city, and possibly the world, from the machinations of powerful villains.

Enter the Gordians, the DC universe's newest group of vigilantes!


This game is set in the DC universe during the year 2001, shortly after President Luthor has taken office.

I am hoping for a relatively quick pace with this game and wish to achieve a true comic-book feel, with week-long 'issues'. Story Arcs could span several issues but we'd also have one-shots, mini's and the like, allowing us to explore the characters and settings to their fullest extent.

I would prefer to run this game as a free-form game without any mechanics involved, but that can be changed if the players feel differently.

I am looking for four mature players who like to write and can commit themselves to a fairly frequent posting schedule. We will emphasize character development and plot over combat and whatnot. The game will be rated 'M' for Mature, a la Vertigo. Gratuitous violence/language/sex will not be present or allowed.

If this game sounds like something you'd be interested in, e-mail me with a basic character concept. We'll talk about it and flesh it out as necessary.



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