Age of Intrigue

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Costs: free
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URL: [ dead link ]
Type: PBP alternate history
Last-Update: 2006May30
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


We are a long runnning AU historical PBP, with a posting rate of 2+ a week. Original characters only.

Join us at the decadent Baroque court of Merry King Charles II of England in the spring of 1677. At Court just beneath the surface raw ambition works a rare frenzy in the ongoing struggle for royal favour, wealth and success. Virtue has given way to libertine licentiousness. Religious intolerance is the rule, while arts and science are shaped for centuries to come. Will the new German Queen be able to restore propriety in a society that has lost its morals? Will the freedom loving Protestant Parliament triumph over the absolute King Charles Rex? Who will the King make allies with amidst the fog of war, with the Dutch Republic and France on his doorstep?

In our narrative system staff is the impartial referee on chance and danger. Plots are both staff and character driven. You can go anywhere, dare anything, as long as you are prepared to deal with the IC consequences of your actions. We encourage creativity and intersecting plots and discourage preplanned storylines.

Running since 2006 with original game system. Steady. Small. Enjoyable. Check out our application on the wiki:


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