Total Pro Wrestling

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Costs: Free
Frequency: roughly 1 card per few weeks
Type: Fantasy Wrestling
Last-Update: 2006May08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg, sports


The Summit Wrestling Alliance, back during the E-wrestling explosion of the '90s, was one of the premier collections of affiliated federations sharing a "common universe" in its day. In recent years, as the driving forces behind these feds "grew up" (meaning found other things taking time away from this particular hobby), the number of Summit feds slowly died down.

Last year, Total Pro Wrestling was born as a model after the former NWA, using the Summit universe as it's homebase. Now, the Summit Wrestling Alliance has been formed with several former Summit mainstay feds (now fictional within the universe) banding together under a classic "territory" structure, with the "home territory" being Total Pro Wrestling. After several cards, the fed was in hiatus due to personal issues by the handler, but is now back in business and has produced its first card in over a year.

The most recent card can be found under "Current Cards". Past cards, as well as a written fictional "history" of the cards that took place during the fed hiatus, can be found there as well.

We are also accepting new handlers - those interested can contact for more information. The fed style is "angle" based, with one twist - we use a dice system to determine the outcome of the matches rather than booking the matches themselves. Otherwise, matches are a collaboration between the commissioner and the players to craft a believable, fun match.

We're still working to get all the information up on the website (including a current players list), but we're up and open for business! Thanks for reading this far!


Shawn (Total Pro Wrestling Commissioner)


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