Shadowrun: Where The Circle Ends

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Costs: N/A
Frequency: Daily
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Alternative Modern
Last-Update: 2006Apr29
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


Our game centers around a group of Shadowrunners - that's mercenaries for hire to the uneducated - based in the less affluent boroughs of New York City. Our team is made up of men and women from all walks of life, bound together into a cohesive unit by one thing - blackmail. At some point in their respective pasts, each and every one of them fell afoul of New York's newest and hottest Triad - The Sisterhood of Immolation - and as a result, now find themselves forced to bargain for their lives with the only chip they have left, and the very thing which got them into their situation in the first place - their criminal aptitude.

The back rooms of a Sisterhood controlled Convenience Store in lower Chinatown now serve as their base of operations. They wait for the Sisterhood to assign them clients and accept whatever low-end cut of their earnings that their (not so) benevolent Triad employers see fit to hand out to them. Each of them struggles on in the vain hope that one day their debt to the Sisterhood will be repayed, and they will be allowed to return to their former lives.

And that, for the time being, is that -- no global conspiracy; no men in dark suits standing in the shadows; no glorious cause. Your characters, and by extension the storyline, are only as complex as you make them. Don't wait around for some all encompassing storyline to pull your one-dimensional trigger-happy yuppie out of insignificance - complicate him yourself; make us love him.

The basic concept of this game is that you play a group of freelance criminals, who take any varying degree of jobs in exchange for money. The thing that makes that fairly simple concept so amazing is the variety that it affords. How it works is that the team is propositioned, either directly, or through a contact, by who we refer to as Mr. or Mrs. Johnson. An unknown person. You don't ask for any personal information about them, and they reciprocate. Your lives are not each other's concerns. What you share in common is the job. Mr. or Mrs. Johnson needs something done, which isn't entirely legal. They hire someone like you to do it.

That's the variety. Different people hire you for different sorts of tasks. The possibilities are as endless as we allow, and hopefully, we won't limit things.

In the end, we're all here for one reason; to enjoy ourselves.


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