TavernLore (Beta Test #1)

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Costs: Free for now
Email: paul@adventurelantern.com
Frequency: Daily
URL: http://www.adventurelantern.com/Forum/viewforum.php?f=33 [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy MMORPG, PBEM/Forum, ORG combined!
Last-Update: 2006Mar28
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Announcing: TavernLore (Beta Test #1)...

Prepare to be amazed............ at just how involved an online role playing / adventure game can be...

I need 7 to 10 players to test a new Fantasy-setting MMORPG, ORG, PBEM(Forum) style game system in development.

Don't freak out. It's simple to join, and even easier to play. All of this information (and the instructiosn to follow) are for those who want to know how it works, why it works and how to play....

YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ ALL THIS TO PLAY. Just let me know you're interested and I'll take it from there!

What do all those acronyms mean? It's a fantasy (medieval, magic, monster) role-playing game in a massively multiplayer design (eventually to have hundreds or thousands of simultaneous players); but the test will employ 7-10 for now. It's an online reality game setting (meaning that the various participants will be engaged in adventure, missions, scenarios, combats, trials and challenges against one another - and eventually ending up in the elimination of some characters). It is a play-by-email or forum (turn based game) in which anything goes (if you type it, your character can try it -- sucess and failure are determined by a GameMaster rolling dice).

Right now, I'm seeking volunteers to play. I'll need a team of three (good guys/gals) a team of three (bad guys/gals) and one or more NPC players (to play the parts of monsters, arch-villians, etc).

Most likely, the game will be played via a pair of Yahoo Groups. That way, each side can play independant of one another (unaware of what the other side is up to); and you can elect to play by email or forum that way.

In the past, we used D&D v3.5 as the format; but we're developing a new game system and we need to test it out. I will send you instructions on HOW TO CREATE A CHARACTER as soon as I get enough people signed up. So let me know if you want to participate, and it wouldn't hurt to give me a basic idea of what "type of character" you might be interested in playing.

BUT SEND ME THAT INFORMATION IN PRIVATE (either use the PM, Private Mail on this site, or email me using paul@adventurelantern.com)

NOTE: Our new rules allow for the creation of almost ANY kind of character.. Any race, class, etc... so there won't be any limits; except you have to BALANCE your character's advantages & disadvantages (so be ready for that)... and if you create something really ALIEN (i.e. playing a SKELETON WARRIOR); your character will NOT be well received in civilized society!!!


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