Starbase 400: Versailles

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Type: Star Trek Simulation - Pbem
Last-Update: 2006Feb04
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Welcome to Starbase 400, other wise known as Starbase Versailles, I am Captain Jake Jay Thorpe, the Commanding Officer, and along with my First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ropak, we Command and lead this fine, proud Simulation.

Starbase Versailles has a very extensive history within UCIP Simulations, for over seven years we have provided crew members from all over the world with a fun quality Star Trek Pbem Simming environment.

Originally, Starbase Versailles was situated in the heart of the Klingon and Romulan territories lying directly on the Boarder, its primary mission was to maintain detachments from both forces and uphold the peace treaty between these two neighbouring enemies.

For over five years the station provided good service and established very strong relations with both the Klingon and Romulan Empires and endured many long and challenging adventures.

When relations between the two collapsed due to a minor disagreement the Station was relocated just inside Beta Fleet space where all three boarders meet to continue efforts to help the two empires re-establish relations.

After six months Starbase Versailles failed her task and the Klingons and Romulans ceased all contact indefinitely and both detachments were withdrawn from the Station. Only a year latter a new threat has presented itself this time coming from within the Federation calling themselves the Vanguard.

This Vanguard movement of anti-federation terrorists has been growing for some time and are making a large dent in the federation, due to the added hostilities a support vessel was assigned to the station, the USS Cerberus.

With such a long history Starbase 400 has earned a strong reputation with in UCIP making us one of the best well established simulations in the fleet.

Most recently, the USS Resolution has also been assigned to Starbase Versailles for additional support during the Vanguard attacks that have been increasing severely in surrounding areas.

At present, the Versailles Command Team is accepting new crew applicants, if you would like any more information please feel free to email or you can visit the "join" page.

Kind regards,

=/\= Capt. Jake Jay Thorpe


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