Ashes of Empire, the

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Costs: test games sometimes free, 9,00 Euro/game (online) (~ 0,30 Euro/turn)
Email: [ok]
Frequency: from 48 hours to one week
URL: (sometimes free versions, ask by email, allow 48 hours for a response)
Type: strategic space game
Last-Update: 2009Feb16
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, www, mixed, space, german, wargame, economic


Main language is german, but english is possible.

In a galaxy of 40 worlds there compete up to eight players. There are three types of industry (fuel, ore and rare materials like crystals) and three types of military units (planetary defense units, fighter and transport ships, usable as troop or freight transport). A world is characterized by it´s population (available man power to build something), it´s home defense (i. e. the number of planetary defense units required to prevent rebellions), it´s production rate (amount of goods produced by a single plant), the number of plants (fuel, ore, rare materials), the number of stockpiles available for production (fuel, ore, rare materials), the number of fighter or transport yards, and off course the number of fighter and transport ships ready to start (or defend the planet). Combat: after gaining control during orbital combat (fighter : fighter) surviving transports attack the planetary defense units. Losses on ground troops may cause revolts or change in planetary control. The winner is the player who controls first 14 of the 40 worlds or the player with the biggest rating in the last turn.

Maximum game length: 30 turns, sudden death possible.

Original game design from Mike William Costello, Nottingham, 1982. PBM game design from Harald Topf, Bonn, Germany, till 1984. In the meantime there are also board and card games with the same topic available.


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