Star Trek: Omega Team 6

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Costs: Absolutely FREE
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Type: Star Trek PbEM
Last-Update: 2006Jan11
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Why indeed should someone join one group over another? Everyone says that theirs is different, but when you get in and get "simming", you usually find out it's just like every other free-form free-for-all that claims to be different. There is no true direction or cooperation.

In short - this RPG differs from the other Star Trek RPG's primarily in two ways. First, the player only speaks and acts for his or her own character. The player does not determine the results of a test, whether or not an enemy ship appears, how an NCP will react, whether or not he, or anyone else, is successful, does not write other players into a corner with his post and force a certain reaction. Second, there is an actual mission with already established encounters, puzzles, NPC's, etc. There will be one mission at a time, which will have a definite conclusion.

This is not a "Sim", or a collaborative book writing effort; it is a real Role-Playing Game. I, as the GM, will speak for ALL NPC's, give you the results of all scans, test, weapons fire, computer responses and the like, you just tell me what you are doing, or what you say to which NPC. You, of course, always answer for your own character to either NPC's or PC's. I have done this so that the mission always stays on track; there is no competition between players to get their plot device forwarded or to negate another's actions. Decisions are not arbitrary, nor are they an effort to thwart you, but degrees of success or failure will be based on what is trying to be accomplished under what circumstances and what the mission is. This will be played like real-life, where you determine only what you say, what you do, and how you react. If you've every played an RPG around the table, then you'll have a good idea of what I'm saying.

The house rules for this PbEM RPG can be found at the Yahoo! Groups web site, as can the mission briefing for the first mission. I think that the files should be available for download to anyone. If not, please let me know at and I'll be happy to send the files to you.

Admiral John Royce, CinCSIS (Commander-in-Chief Starfleet Intelligence Services), hand picked only the brightest, most talented, and most highly motivated officers Starfleet has to offer to form Omega Team.

Omega Team is an option of last resort, called upon to do what can be done by no other means. Its members were selected from the Academy and their careers carefully but surreptitiously guided by Admiral Royce, working through the Detailer's Office to get them posted to positions that will most enhance their experience, training and expertise.

Officially, Omega Team does not exist; it is a black operation. They have access to the best intelligence and equipment available, even equipment from many of the military service branches of other worlds, enemy, friendly or neutral. They are tasked to do what officially cannot be done . . . and isn't done . . . officially.

Although Admiral Royce allows his teams to accomplish their missions as they see fit, this does not mean that we are running a group of rogue agents who can go about doing whatever they want above the law. Military decorum, structure and accountability still exist.

Write up your character's bio to reflect the best duty stations and opportunities for specialized training and mission assignments. Tell me what duty stations you were assigned to during your career.

Give your character the rank commensurate with the position requested, as described below. Your career history should be adequate to cover the number of years and duty stations to achieve the assigned rank.

Your bio should reflect that you've spent the last two years in training for Omega. Your training took place at various confidential venues; on ships, stations and planets. All members of Team 6 (that's you guys) have been training together since they were assigned to the Team. This will be your first official Omega mission.

Give me a complete physical description of your character; include name, race, background, interests, education, and desired position. Create a "handle" or "nickname" for your characters, since real names are never to be used while on a mission.

Of races other than Human I will allow only one.

There are two positions still available

Engineering/Demolition (Lieutenant) [TAKEN - El Aurian] Science/Medical (Lieutenant Commander) [AVAILABLE] Security/Tactical (Commander) [TAKEN - Human] Security/Logistics (Lieutenant) [AVAILABLE]

Send your character to .


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