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Costs: Free
Email: admin@wrassle.net [ok]
Frequency: ongoing
URL: http://www.wrassle.net [ dead link ]
Type: Wrestling, Fighting, Role Playing, E-Fed
Last-Update: 2005Dec23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, sports


Wrassle[dot]Net is a community-oriented online interactive text-based wrestling game that has been online since 1999. You can wrestle opponents in your federation(or contract out to any one of the other feds), in real time, for free and without having to download anything. You can train, learn moves, buy stats, form stables, find a tag partner, wrestle in any number of different match types, and more... just like you see in televised wrestling. So come on in and join the game.

Wrassle, can also be a host for your current E-Fed. Tired of free web hosts that bombard your players with pop-up adds? Wrassle is a dedicated E-Fed site. No pop-ups ever. We offer a board for posting Role Plays, a separate board for Out Of Character posting, a highly advanced wrestling simulator program and a finely tuned interface for managing your fed.

Make your own fed or join one of ours. The choice is yours.


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