World of Pangea

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Costs: Free
Frequency: completely variable average 3/per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Medieval Fantasy
Last-Update: 2005Dec10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg, vampire


Pangea is the vast and only continent sprawling out across the face of its namesake planet. The home to an innumerable amount of beings, ranging from Dragon Knights to Vampires, Fairies to Savages. The Dragon Knights are the law of the land. They comprise the Airbound, and everyone else comprises the Landbound. Living in Sanctuaries, the Dragon Knights protect the area around their Sanctuary from the dangers of the wilds. Dragons Bond to humans when they hatch and form a lifelong partnership that only death breaks. If the dragon chooses not to Bond, they go Wild and live with a hatred of humans and the dragons that are 'enslaved' by them. Millenia ago, surrounded by their enemies, the landbound humans and the airbound Dragon Knights, were forced to form the Charter to ensure their mutual survival. The Landbound do not hold an army, but must feed and clothe the Airbound, who in turn protect them from each other, as well as outside threats. Cities still govern themselves, but the rulers must work well with the Airbound. If the city refuses to Tithe or moves against a Sanctuary the Sanctuary reacts by withdrawing protection, which guarantees the defenseless city won't survive long. In this state of symbiosis the Airbound and Landbound have survived ages together, and continue to this day. The Airbound's rule is absolute, and the Landbound, even the nobility, must accept it or risk losing their lives. Wild Dragons aren't the only threat to the Landbound. Vampires stalk the land, creating more creatures like themselves and killing humans. Vampires and Wild Dragons, and Dragon Knights are fierce enemies, each refusing to give into the other side in any way. They will not negotiate or back down. The way of life for the Dragon Knights is the opposite of that of Vampires and Wild Dragons.

This realm is watched over by many gods, each of which protects his or her sphere viciously. Slavery is a commonplace. Slavery is the punishment for commiting many crimes, as well as simply not pulling your weight in the city. If you haven't taken and become proficient in a Craft by the age of 18, you are considered property. The system ensures that even people with no drive pay their dues to society, and rises the hard workers to the top. However, there is nothing in place to stop cruelty by owners to slaves, or the corruption of the few making life miserable for the many.

Where do you fit into this world? Are you a Dragon Knight or a Vampire, a slave or a Lord? We accept all kinds of players, so long as they are focused on creative content and grammar, rather than dice and strict rules. New ideas and characters are always welcomed. Come join the world of Pangea.


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