Space Wing: Void Patrol

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Costs: totally free!
Frequency: every minute to every week
Email: [ok]
Type: space fighters dogfights
Last-Update: 2005Oct11
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, computer, space, wargame, economic


Space Wing: Void Patrol is a game of dogfights between space fighters, played on a hex map with contemporary moves. The battles take place in asteroid fields (you have several different fields to choose from). The game features original movement rules (thrust and inertia), and a simple and user-friendly interface. We have three game levels: simple, standard and advanced.

The simple rules allow you to get started at once: they're simple but challenging at the same time. Standard rules allow each player to build a custom fighter from a list of different components, determining the fighter's thrust, shields power, weapons, and so on. In addition, missiles are introduced: they try to seek and destroy any fighter within range. Advanced rules are designed to playtest new features: from time to time we introduce new fighter components and new game rules.


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