Robotech: 23rd Veritech Squadon

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Costs: None
Frequency: Twice a week
Type: Robotech Space Opera
Last-Update: 2005Sep30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, space, rpg


In August of 2016, Rick Hunter made clear his intention to create a Valkyrie squadron consisting solely of Zentraedi. Trained by Max Sterling himself, this squadron, dubbed VSF-23 "The Flying Tigers" will be the forefront in the fight against Zentraedi Malcontentism.

As their predecessors before them, the Flying Tigers are strangers in a strange land. The intricacies of human interaction may be foreign to them but their duty is clear. Driven by the Imperative given to them by the Robotech Masters, the squadron must keep their own people from destroying what fragile relationship they have with the Micronians.

Taking place during the Malcontent Uprisings between the years 2016 and 2020, this Play by E-mail game brings together a disparate group of Zentraedi to police their own race. Using a combination of Fuzion and Mekton Zeta as a rule set, this game is well documented. Access to a Yahoo Group is required as is a desire to role play. Character concepts are to have depth and room for growth. Character creation rules are available by request. This game is more about relationships and character building than giant robots.

FYI combat maps are made in Photoshop and converted into PNG, JPG, and GIF files, they can be quite large (1 MB or more).


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