Space: 2360

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Costs: None
Frequency: Everyone Two Weeks
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Wargame, Strategy, Diplomatic.
Last-Update: 2005Aug13
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, wargame, economic, rpg


In the year 2300, mankind discovered that by combining pure Hydrogen with a nuclear reaction the speed of light could be used. This sparked new interested in space flight as Humanity began to pump large amounts of money on the research and creation of colonization ships, mankind at last could begin it's manifest destiny of exploring and colonizing space.

During this time many star systems were found and colonies set-up on core planets. The Earth Goverment began to worry as many Humans left Sol for wonders beyond. What happend if the "Space Generation" return to conquer? The Humans who stayed in Sol began to pump more funds into fleet build-ups in order to protect itself. This marked the begining of a ten year "Cold War" between Sol and her outward colonies.

Even so the new goverments being created on the new worlds began to worry that Earth might attempt to retake the new colonies by force, so these new goverments to began to design, create and build warships in order to defend itself. For the first time in over 100 years it looked like Human was about to fight Human.

The style mate ended when a small fleet from Earth encounted a scouting fleet from the nearby system of Polaris. The Polaris fleet stated that Earth was trespassing, while the Earth fleet stated that the colonies were still apart of Earth and Sol. The fleets engaged each other and before long massive fleets roamed the stars between Earth and Polaris as a new war broke out between the Human factions.

In 2356 the war ended in a stale-mate. Neither side had the resources to continue, and the Polaris Empire began to fall apart as many of it's followers left to form their own empiers in different sectors of space. In order to avoid a new war between the factions, each goverment agreed to have constant diplomatic contact. To do this they all created what is now known as "The Galactic Senate". It is here were all diplomatic business is conducted.

During this time the new Earth Goverment now known as the "Earth Defense Forces" gained exclussive rights to mine and process raw Hydrogen for stardrives - no other goverment was allowed to do this and it was outlawed that any who tried would be badly punished.

And so the year is 2260, and how will your empire fare?

It will be upto you to lead your faction to glory, if that means throuh brute force or diplomatic skills then so be it. Are YOU ready to enter this new adventure? Then visit our website for all the latest info!


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