Emergency Theater Live

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Costs: free
Email: theaterhost@voyagerliveaction.com
Frequency: 10 a month. New "episode" made monthly airs with images and music.
URL: http://www.voyagerliveaction.com/emergency.html [ dead link ]
Type: paramedic/firefighter role play based on Emergency, the1970's TV series
Last-Update: 2005Jul06
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, modern, rpg


This is a play by email fan fiction site which has fans of the 1970's TV series Emergency about paramedic/firefighters writing along with real firemen and paramedics working in the field to make new episodes of this show in the form of a role play game.

One person writes a scene paragraph and another continues where the first left off. The final story, which completes at the end of any month, is shown to all visitors, with images and music midis crafted to fit what the writers have created. Nothing is preplanned ahead of time.

We use just the world as it was seen inside of this TV show. Television show is the bible and base and guidelines for any writer/player.

Website has real medical and fire personnel to help writers with technical aspects, backgrounds of the tv show itself, paramedic simulators, screensavers, and an archive of the entire game to date. 51 episodes are planned to be created using this role play project. We are on episode twenty three so far.

Photo gallery highlights players, writers and the images made to fit the role play stories being created and how the pictures were made by the website editors.

All improvisational. Nothing preplanned. Round robin style of writing. A radio show highlighted this project in June 2004 and the game founder talks about the site and how it works.

562 members to date. 6100 a month unique hits to the 200 page website.

Most members are lurkers, there to read only, but 20 are regular writers.

Theme is modern firefighting, emergency medicine of the 1970's United States.

See references to Emergency, the TV series circa 1970-1976. Real TV show had 187 episodes and six feature length movies at the time of its cancellation while it was still in the number one watched spot on NBC.

Hints to the show. Remember Roy DeSoto? Squad 51 and Station 51? Rampart Hospital and Dr. Brackett and Dixie the nurse? This is that show. Gameplay is all canon to the series. If you remember watching it on your TV set, that is how it is written by players on this game.

First eighteen stories crafted are open to the public for viewing. Reads like an online book with images and music.

Patti Keiper Emergency Theater Live Host USA

We are airing also in Germany, and the French Seychelle Islands as well as across the United States and Canada.

Contact Email : theaterhost@voyagerliveaction.com


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