Baroque Historical RPG

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Costs: It is for Free
Frequency: One per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Historical Roleplaying Game
Last-Update: 2005Apr10
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, historical, wargame, economic, rpg


In this game, you have the opportunity to take control of a country, direct its diplomacy, arrange its finances, and control its armies. It is based on the Europa Universalis II computer game, yet the emphasis is on role-playing and interacting with the other players. You can choose any path you like, but you are encouraged to act like a 16th century monarch and to seek the same types of goals they would have. Regardless of what you decide, the emphasis is on fun, so if the moderators make an exception or ask for your help, try to remember it's just a game.

You may also play Characters, such as Radziwill family, Norfolk, or whomever you can think of really, and gain power and influence that way. But the emphasis is to take controll of one of the countries in this era and play it with History always in your mind.

The Game is currently in the year 1578 (we started in the year 1558). Each Real life week is 4 months in the rpg. Lots of historical things has happend, and more to come. The moderators are friendly and assisting, if you want assistance or clarification all you need to do is ask and your questions will be answered.

The game allows player-applied events (Like let's say that Sweden does several posts about the Sala Silvermine, and they improve it and such, and they spend a lot of money on that, an event is triggered by the mods that decides if the project was success or failure). And so much else, the only real limits are Historical realism. The rest can always be discussed with the event or headmod.

For the simplicity of new players the mod team worked for weeks setting up a Chronicle, where you can read what has happend before, so you can easily take a good role. Remember, this is the time of Royalty, dynasties, powers, wars, marriage and death, it is all there :)

Come and Join the fun :)


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