Hyperdrive II

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Costs: Free for now
Frequency: Minimum 1 per week
Email: LYJ49@westman.wave.ca
Type: Space exploration and conquest
Last-Update: 2005Mar30
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, mixed, space, wargame, economic, opensource


My name is Lorne and I am a long time Canadian gamer. At one point I ran a play by snail mail game company before email was the standard. Recently I have found myself with more time on my hands and would like to run some more games.

I have two that have completed design and require game testing to work out the flaws.

Not sure if you can help me find some opponents but thought I would contact you and see what came out of it.

My needs are these:

One or two players to act as "standby" for a 4 player game now running.

4 to 8 players for another version of the same game as above.

4 to 8 players for a unique game that players have to figure out the rules to as they play.

The first game is Hyperdrive II. This is a game of galactic scale exploration and conquest with each player having a unique and interesting race with advantages and disadvantages for ships and land units. Economic base to the game.

Both games will use Autorealm (a free mapping program available from the net.)

Alliances are possible.


Commitment to a longer game. First turns are quick but later take more work.

Email address capable of larger attachments.

Contact Lorne at LYJ49@westman.wave.ca


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