Weekly Electronic Football Simulation (WEFS)

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Costs: free
Frequency: one per week
Email: timo.ojala@ee.oulu.fi
URL: http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~skidi/WEFS [ dead link ]
Type: football (soccer) manager simulation
Last-Update: 2011Jan22
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, sports


WEFS is a football (soccer) manager simulation, which provides a fairly detailed model of the real life football. WEFS is effectively an exercise in resource management, where the manager has to combine short-term (lineup and player/team tactics for the upcoming match) with long-term (team buildup and coaching over consecutive seasons).

WEFS was founded in 1995 and the league is currently in its 16th season. The league currently (as of 2011) has 32 club teams divided into 2 divisions of 16 club teams, Elite and Second. A season comprises of a regular season of 30 matches, so that one match is played every week. Further, a league wide Cup is played during the regular season. The WEFS World Cup, where club teams form national teams based on the nationalities of team managers, is played every other season.

A club team comprises of 15-25 players, who have a number of features such name, skill, talent, resilience, performance level, etc. Further, a team has a number of features such as different skills, cash balance, coaching staff etc. Players can be coached, they age (lose skill) and eventually retire, they can get hurt in matches, etc. New players are acquired via annual rookie auctions, by signing free-agents and by trading with other teams.

WEFS is completely free. The only 'price' you have to pay is that if you start playing, you're expected you to turn in orders every week. In return you get a detailed match report of your own match, and a number of league wide postings including scores, division rankings, suspensions, Match of The Week tape, stats, etc.


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