Tribe Net - Islandia

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Costs: free
Frequency: one per two weeks
Type: Build and Wargame strategy simulation
Last-Update: 2004Oct20
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, wargame, abstract


Tribe Net - Islandia is an open ended game of Exploration, Advancement, Trade and Conquest set in a richly detailed world spanning three continents! Control the Fate and Fortune of a Neolithic Clan of Nomads as they carve out an Empire or struggle for survival. Research, Religion, Alliances and Betrayal...this game has it all!!

Tribe Net is currently played by 100+ players and has been running for about 7 years. It is an open-ended epic campaign game with historical sensitivity - the setting is Iron Age to post Iron Age. Most players are 25+. A new continent (Islandia) has recently been opened.

If you have played civilisation type or diplomacy style games you will get something of the idea of Tribe Net. By straddling the line between building and war gaming, Tribe Net allows a range of choices about what to do with one's Tribe and how to approach the game (and other players) that are not available in either straight building games or straight war games.

Much of Tribe Net is human moderated and is not mechanical in its play. It has a very stable player base (few drop having started) and a high degree of reliability. It enables the player to think in terms of both short term and long term strategies, and enables you to feel confident that the game will still be there when you want it to be.

Two-week turnaround.

There are two places available - for new players on Islandia. For these players the game is free until a Pelagoria is built (3-6 real months) so that, if you choose, you may make a non-committed judgement about the quality and appeal of the game.

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