The Hellmouth Alliance RPG

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Costs: None
Frequency: every one to three days
Type: BtVS/Angel
Last-Update: 2004Aug04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg, vampire


This game is set in Sunnydale and Los Angeles, California. Post season 5 BtVS, season 2 Angel, the current time setting is late September 2001, but aspects of later seasons (Slayers-in-Training, the First, Connor, ect.) are incorporated.

Ever since Dawn and Spike resurrected her, Buffy has had a difficult time re-adjusting to living. Dawn, now several years older, is constantly being taken and is at the center of endless controversy. Spike's behavior is more erratic than ever and Willow's powers seem to grow exponentially while her grip on them becomes increasingly precarious. Giles attempts to hold it all together, but with abundant personal issues of his own, he needs his Slayer. However, as the situations in Sunnydale become progressively more intense, Buffy's ability to cope is failing. Her friends are doing what they can to pick up the slack, but everyone is having to learn how to count on outside help.

Meanwhile, Angel Investigations is falling apart from the inside out while Angel is torn between trying to help Buffy and taking care of the constant crises happening within his own team. The growing rift in the group is leaving more and more opportunities open for the likes of Wolfram Hart and worse to make themselves all to much at home in Los Angeles.

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