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URL: http://www.el-conquistador.de [ dead link ]
Frequency: 6 weeks each turn
Email: info@el-conquistador.de
Type: historical roleplaying game
Last-Update: 2004Jun08
Keywords: free, open-ended, snail, human, historical, german, rpg


EL CONQUISTADOR is a historical roleplaying game, situated in the 16th century in the spanish reign under Phillip II. It´s a postal mail game and is published in german. It exists for 6 1/2 years and there are about 25 players today, but we are always looking for players to enlarge our group. This is how it works:

You have 3 weeks to plan you turn and send it back to the GM, than you have to wait about 4 weeks and recieve a 30-60 pages large book where all the actions of the past month is described. As you noticed, this game is a postal game, and not played by email. In general it would be possible to play it by email, but in most of the existing email games, you only recieve your updated character-sheet, and that´s it. We know that our way is the one which takes longer an is more complicated and expensive, but therefore every player has the possibility to develope his or her character. So the game gets away from the standard play-by-mail games and becomes a roleplaying game! For further information visit our homepage or contact me!


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