America's Second Civil War

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One Turn per Week
Email: [ok]
Type: Post Apocalyptic, Modern Warfare
Last-Update: 2004Apr06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, wargame, economic


TIMELINE: Despite heightened awareness, they still got through [4 July 2005] New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Atlanta all go up in flames. All 6 vital cities go up in a hellish nuclear blast as terrorists detonate black-market-received nuclear `dirty bombs' on the United States' 229th celebrated day of independence. Within days, all social and economical grids collapse as bouts of panic and anarchy become common. Emergency and surviving governmental agencies are taxed far beyond the limit. Those that could do anything did so. Local surviving government officials declare leadership for their state or local region, organizing what little relief efforts can be made. [1 Aug 2005] North Korea invade South Korea, igniting the Second Korean War. North Korea warns Japan, that if any US troops stationed on its soil leave to try to reinforce the 37,000 US troops currently garrisoning South Korea, North Korea will consider Japan an enemy combatant and take appropriate actions. With CONUS forces stretched thin, stationed around the world to fight global terrorism, only meager forces are sent. [3 Sept 2005] After a brief skirmish with Japanese forces, US troops stationed in Japan move to reinforce South Korea. [4 Sept 2005] North Korea launches a 2-hour missile barrage turning Tokyo into a raging inferno. [17 Nov 2005] Nuclear `dirty-bomb' explodes in London. [18 Dec 2005] Nuclear `dirty-bomb' explodes in Sydney. [26 Dec 2005] With Pakistani forces in a holding pattern throughout the mountains and highlands, hunting rebels and terrorists, India launches a surprise nuclear attack. Pakistan swiftly responds. [31 December 2005-1 January 2006] Americans thought the worst might be over. New Year's Eve was not as joyous as it could have been, but the one's to keep their wits, did quietly celebrate making it through the year. Then, 12am, Honolulu, Seattle, Dallas, Washington DC, and Philadelphia all exploded simultaneously. All US Naval forces were ordered to immediately to return to the US mainland. Several naval battles break out, as terrorist states supplied with French, German, and modern Russian warships, backed up by their older Soviet-era ships attempt to block these US forces. In later engagements, it is found that French, German, and Russian sailors man some of these ships. [5 January 2006] China bombards Taiwan then invades. A meager US response is sent, to evacuate Taiwanese personnel. Most of these ships are surrounded by Chinese warships and sunk. Chinese warships join other enemy fleets in attempts to block worldwide US naval fleets from returning to the US mainland. [1 February 2006] Senator Hector Gonzalez declares California independent and pulls his state from the Union. Surviving CONUS-based forces are too weak or too occupied to respond. All of the California National Guard is called to active duty, and all remaining Active Duty units are given the option of joining the California Republic Guards, or leaving without their equipment. Most stay on. The breakdown of the United States soon follows. [3 May 2006] The Ticonderoga-Class Guided Missile Cruiser Silver Dagger, formerly the USS Mobile Bay, shells San Diego in the Republic of California. California responds by sending 3 F-18 Hornets armed with Harpoon Missiles. The Silver Dagger manages to shoot down all three, but the last fighter gets off a missile, broad-siding the vessel. It soon begins to sink. Rescue boats are sent out to take prisoners. It is soon learned that the Silver dagger is part of no new nation's naval forces, but rather mercenary. A frantic call goes out, calling on any and all forces turned mercenary to one side or another. [4 July 2006] 1 year later the new nations of the former United States have organized their armies, with the goal of reclaiming the 50 States in their view. These nations battle each other on an almost seemingly predictable basis. [Present] All of nations continue to battle each other in an one-upmanship race until one cannot respond any further, and succumbs to the victor.


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